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Southwest Disability Advocates, LLC

Serving Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico

Call 602-926-1686


"They did a great job at the Hearing presenting my case to the a Fully Favorable Decision...very happy".

-Yuma, AZ (name withheld)

"Answered all my questions and helped with the paperwork...the Judge reopened an earlier application for me

at the suggestion of Mr. Hartley and it resulted in a very large amount of backpay which I needed desperately".

-Indio, CA (name withheld)

"I filed for early retirement at age 62 and SDA helped me win the difference between that and what I would have

received had I worked until age 66, the date of my full retirement status.....that really helped my bottom line

financially. I highly recommend SDA..."

-Prescott, AZ (name withheld)

"Mr. Hartley did a great job of cross examining the Vocational Expert who testified in my hearing....this helped

the Judge to issue a Fully Favorable Decision in my case. I can't thank SDA enough...."

-Phoenix, AZ (name withheld)

"Because of my chronic inflammatory arthritis I could no longer work...Mr. Hartley explained that changing the date

I became disabled would result in a Fully Favorable Decision by the Judge. I was unaware of the Vocational Rules

in these hearings and how they might apply to my case. I am so grateful his guidance helped me win my case..."

-Flagstaff, AZ (name withheld)

"My son had behavioral issues at school and I inquired about a Child's Case with SDA. They assisted me by

supplying a Teacher Questionnaire that I gave to his primary teacher. Her completed form was submitted to the ALJ

and through my testimony and the presentation of Mr. Hartley at the hearing, we prevailed and won SSI benefits...."

-Las Vegas, NV (name withheld)

"Because I couldn't pay my bills, I lost my house, my car, my wife, and ended up living on the street for three

years prior to my hearing. SDA helped me win my case and I will be eternally grateful...they were a Godsend..."

-San Bernardino, CA (name withheld)

"I suffered from the effects of MS for several years but was denied by Social Security because they thought I

could still do some work. SDA sent forms to my Drs. who filled them out and indicated I could no longer do any

full time work. This was very helpful as Mr. Hartley presented my case to the Judge who ultimately granted me

my benefits. I highly recommend...."

-Albuquerque, NM (name withheld)

"After performing highly skilled, technical work for many years, I became ill and could no longer work. I ended up

losing everything and lived in my car at the beach for two years before I got my day in court with the Judge. Mr.

Hartley expertly presented my case to the Judge using SSA Rules and Regulations to reinforce his argument.

The Judge, who did not have a good record of granting cases, found that I was totally disabled and unable to

do any work on a consistent basis. I can't thank SDA enough for....."

-San Diego, CA (name withheld)